How Vizhen Books Inc. Helped A Client With Technology Consultancy

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Vizhen Books Inc. Helped A Client With Technology Consultancy

At Vizhen Books Inc., we are an accounting firm specializing in online bookkeeping, payroll, and sales tax filing. Our team also excels at payment processing, invoicing, and budgeting.

In addition, we enjoy helping customers improve accounting processes with automation. Please keep reading to learn about how we helped a client with technology consultancy. 

The Challenge: Resistance to change from staff

A client wanted to enhance productivity with accounting and bookkeeping tasks and was looking to implement new automated technology to achieve the objective. However, they didn’t know what software to use. They also realized they would face resistance from staff that had been using the existing process for years. 

So, they called us in to identify the right technology solutions in the hope of putting an end to the business complexities created by multiple systems. They also sought help with change management. 

The Solution: Recommended suitable technology

We reviewed the existing business processes to get a better understanding of the overall business operations. We then researched various technologies available in the market to meet their needs and identified the technology that best suited for the client. We recommended QuickBooks™️, Hubdoc and Plooto to solve business-specific problems. It required acceptance from all stakeholders, which we were able to obtain after we showed them the benefits of implementation of these new tech solutions.

We then created a plan to implement the new technology in phases through project management. The transition to QuickBooks™️ went very smoothly and the implementation was done without any issues or surprises. It was very user friendly for the client and we got a good amount of support from QuickBooks™️ tech team to support this transition.

The Bottom Line

The entire transition took three to six months, and the client was happy with the changes as it helped to automate many manual processes. These changes not only saved time for their employees but also resulted in the reduction of their finance headcount, saving them 80K per year.

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